Board of Trustees

Welcome to the Board section of the NHS website. Here you will find information about meetings, minutes and the Board members. The Northern Health School Board are appointed by the Minister of Education, rather than elected as in most state schools. Otherwise the Board functions in the same way as a regular school Board, with monthly meetings, where policy and strategic decisions are made. Unless otherwise stated, meetings are held at University of Otago House,Level 6, 385 Queen Street, Auckland, commencing at 7:00am


Northern Health School Vision and Mission Statement


Meeting Dates 2018 Meeting Dates 2017 Ratified Meeting Minutes 2017
20 February 21 February February 2017
20 March 21 March March 2017
10 April 11 April April 2017
8 May 16 May May 2017
19 June 20 June June 2017
July – No meeting July – No meeting  
21 August 15 August August 2017
18 September 19 September September 2017
23 October 17 October October 2017
20 November 21 November  
4 December 5 December  
(School closes 11 December) (School closes 8 December)  
  Strategic Plan and Charter Northern Health School Charter 2017
  Annual Report 2016  
The Board Members

Richard Winder


Michael Stowers


Margi Watson

Deputy Chair


Rosemary Gormack

Staff Trustee

Raj Keshaw Polly Smith Rachael Mason
Policies To view the Policies of the Northern Health School, please click here.