Who is eligible for Northern Health School service?

We cater for children from year 1-13 who have been, or are expected to have significant absence from their regular school due to illness. Children will need a specialist's medical certificate in order to qualify and will usually be enrolled in a New Zealand primary or secondary school. They remain on the roll of their regular school while they are working with our staff who will then assist with the transition back to their regular school, as their medical situation improves. There are specific criteria as follows:

  • 10 days or more off school with hospitalisation
  • 40 days absence due to a chronic illness as predicted by a specialist
  • Involvement in a state funded mental health treatment programme

We require two forms with an admission request; a medical form filled in and signed by a specialist and an admission form filled in by a parent or legal guardian. These forms are available below:

Word Versions

Application Form Click here

Medical Form Click here