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Latest News - Northern Health School

Here is Jamie with yet another certificate-you go girl! ...

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Our South Auckland unit have a few budding entrepreneurs - These 4 boys had a great time playing Monopoly Empire on their last day of school last term – buying brand spaces like Xbox, Intel, EBay, Samsung, McDonalds, Coca Cola etc. Looks like some good competitive fun there. ...

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Last term some of our Rongo Atea students graduated. Well done guys and gals. Here are a couple of photos courtesy of Laura. What beautiful korowai. (7 photos) ...

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Lee is an ex NHS student from South Auckland. Check out his inspirational story. ...

"I broke my neck when I was 13 due to a diving accident. This injury totally shattered my outlook on life, going from complete independence to the total opposite in a matter of seconds. After 5 months in hospital I had become really negative about myself. I returned to school, but this time in a wheelchair. I had to relearn how to do everything with the ability I had left. The stigma of being a teen in a wheelchair really took adjusting to. However I started surrounding myself with people who were going through or who had been through similar things and my self pity and negative self talk eventually decreased. One event really changed me - I met a man who had far less ability than me and yet he had accomplished more than any able person I knew. He challenged me to do more and since then I have been able to think happier thoughts, and things have subsequently become easier and more joyful. I became a prefect and finished high school. I have my degree, and I am now building the next big movement that New Zealand has seen in a long time. My mind-set now is to be happy, give back, enjoy and love, because love makes the world go round, and like anything circular it will come back to you."

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And here is a great feature story to kick start the term (even though this all happened at the very end of term 2)...

'The Northland quails are going home. One of Karen's students, Bryar, is taking three home, and the rest are being adopted by a friend. Bryar has been busy at our unit building a cage for the quails with the help of Karen. She has made a great job!

We have been amazed by how quickly the quails have grown. The have pretty much doubled in weight every week. When they were hatched they weighed 9 grams. After three weeks they were 81 grams. They have their feathers and we can tell (guess?) which are males and which are females. Males are usually smaller and have rust coloured breast feathers. '

Talk about cross curricular learning- Kaipai Northland! (5 photos)

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