Who is eligible

Who is eligible?

We cater for school age students who due to illness, accident or mental health, have been or are expected to have significant absence from their regular school.

Students will need to be enrolled at a New Zealand school.  They will continue to be on the roll of their regular school while they are working with our teachers and as their medical situation improves will then be assisted with the transition back to their regular school. Admission to Northern Health School does not affect any existing enrolment arrangements.

Important information

Admission Criteria

  • 10 days or more off school with hospitalization, or
  • 40 days absence due to a chronic illness as predicted by a specialist, or
  • Involvement in a mental health treatment programme

Applicants are requested to

  • Complete Northern Health School admission form including parental / guardian consent.
  • Take our medical verification form to medical practitioner / specialist for completion. This certificate is not necessary if your child is in hospital.

Apply today by downloading and submitting the admission and medical forms