Northern Health School

School for students with health issues


Te Puna Whakatipu

A place to grow and thrive


Northern Health School

School for students with health issues


Te Puna Whakatipu

A place to grow and thrive

Following the announcement yesterday that the country is moving to Orange, we will be making some changes to the way we work with students across the school.  Your child’s teacher will be in touch to discuss what that means in your situation.

For students who are in hospital, or other in-patient settings, we will of course be following the protocols of the host organisation.  For the rest of our students, because many are at higher risk of infection, we will still require mask wearing for students year 4 and above and for our staff.  Our goal is to continue to do our best to keep everyone safe, while providing education support to our students that meets their needs.

We wish everyone a pleasant Easter break and look forward to working with you in term 2.

Richard Winder

For those students that have received learning resources please click on the link to the Privacy Statement.


A nurturing school for students with health issues

It can be a worrying time when your child is forced to miss school due to illness or accident, however we at the Northern Health School can help.

We are one of three New Zealand health schools providing community and hospital based teaching to school aged students who are too unwell to attend their regular school.

Tailored Programmes

We pride ourselves on providing individualised programmes tailored to meet the health and education needs of our students.

Globally Unique

This integrated service is, we believe, unique in the world and allows our teachers to provide a seamless service to each student.

Close Relationships

We have a close relationship with each of the other two health schools which makes the service we offer a national one.


Our Purpose – Tā Mātou Kaupapa

The learner is the reason and the focus of all we do.
Every learner receives an education, no matter what their health condition is, where they live, or their aspirations.
The learners’ voices and choices are central to everything.
High quality staff deliver consistency and cohesiveness across the school.

Vision and Mission Statement


Commitment to learning and the learner.
Compassion inherent in all that we do.
Achievement through setting and achieving learner-centered goals.
Respect for culture, diversity and each other.
Equity of opportunity for all learners.

Latest ERO Report

Northern Health School Board Response to the Review

The Northern Health School Board are happy to share the results of the last Education Review Office review with our community.  The review highlights a number of very positive areas of performance, which is pleasing and highlights the way our staff work hard to support students and to meet their needs through individualised programmes of work.

By the end of 2020, we had 1262 students enrolled and learning at our school, across 18 sites.

The review comments positively on the way the school is working to develop links with local communities including local Iwi.  This is an area that the Board has prioritised, along with working to increase the skills and capabilities of our staff and ourselves.  Developments in this area include Beyond Diversity training for all staff and Te Tiriti o Waitangi training for the Board, which led to the adoption of a  Te Tiriti Policy for the school.

It is pleasing to see the comments about developments in the area of wellbeing.  The work our staff undertake makes this a very important area and this is also included in our charter goals.

The Board continue to ensure that the principal’s performance appraisal is completed in a timely manner and have changed their practice to include external contractors in this area each year.  The Board have also, updated the policies mentioned in the report as part of their regular policy review cycle.  The Board feel confident that they have a sound complaints policy framework and meeting procedure in place.

The school continues to work on ways of reporting on student progress.  This has always been a challenge for our school, as the average time on the roll is 6 months, with many students on the roll for relatively short periods of time. We don’t have groups of students moving from one year level to the next.

The school is working to implement the Learning Progressions Framework as a tool for both tracking student progress and looking at trends across time, ethnicity, gender and health conditions.  This work is already providing more detailed information for a larger number of students than previously.

The Board are confident that the school is providing a high level of support for students and their whanau and that there is a strong focus on reflection and improvement.

Richard Winder
Northern Health School

NAG1 – Curriculum

NAG1 – Assessment
NAG1 – Assessment for National Qualifications
NAG1 – STAR Funding

NAG2 – Documentation and Self Review

NAG2 – Complaints
NAG2 – Media
NAG2 – Reporting to Families, Schools of Origin and other Agencies

NAG3 – Personnel

NAG3 – Allocation of Classroom Release Time
NAG3 – Allocation of Management Units
NAG3 – Appointments
NAG3 – Discretionary Leave
NAG3 – Domestic Violence Leave
NAG3 – Equal Employment Opportunity
NAG3 – Ethics
NAG3 – Financial Assistance for Tertiary Study
NAG3 – Incidental Private Use of a School Vehicle by Principal
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NAG5 – Health and Safety
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NAG5 – Pandemic Epidemic
NAG5 – Personal Protective Equipment
NAG5 – Restraint and Seclusion
NAG5 – Safe Driving
NAG5 – Student Disclosures
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NAG5 – Traumatic Incident Response
NAG5 – Welfare of Animals
NAG5 – Wellbeing

NAG6 – General Legislation

NAG6 – Administration
NAG6 – Board Meeting
NAG6 – Performance Appraisal of the Principal
NAG6 – Tiriti o Waitangi

We would like to give special thanks and acknowledge the following organisations for their interest in our school and kind donations

Morrinsville Combined Lions’ Clubs